This site was first built in the Spring of 2010 by Brian F. Nock (Civil Engineering ‘13) to help admitted high school seniors in deciding where they might want to live on RPI’s campus. Since then, the site has evolved through questions from visitors; pictures of many other non-freshman residence halls and answered questions are now on this site. Most of the information is geared towards first year students, but anyone can feel free to take a look at the room photos and questions.

If you’re an admitted student, congratulations on being admitted! Good luck in deciding where you will attend next year; know that we’d love to have you here at Rensselaer.

Now that you’re in, you have to decide where you want to live, and who you want to live with. As far as finding a roommate, make use of the “Admitted Students Website,” accepted students day  (if you live close enough), Facebook groups, and other helpful websites. You can choose a roommate, if you find someone you share interests with, or go “pot-luck” – allowing ResLife to assign you to someone.

Freshman have 12 residence halls that they can live in. They are:

  • Davison Hall
  • Barton Hall
  • Bray Hall*~
  • Burdett Avenue Residence Hall (BARH)
  • Cary Hall*~
  • Crockett Hall*
  • E-Complex
  • Hall Hall*~
  • Nason Hall*~
  • North Hall
  • Nugent Hall
  • Warren Hall
  • Sharp Hall


  • * Called the Freshmen Five. These are mirrored versions of the same floor plan.
  • ~ Themed housing on one floor.

Kitchens are located in each stack of Quad, each of the Freshman Five on the first floor, and each wing of BARH. Some are bigger than others, but they each should have stoves, ovens, sinks, and microwaves.

All rooms have (for each student):

  • A bed
  • A dresser
  • A desk
  • A closet
  • A chair
  • A shelving piece (typically fits over desk or dresser)

Bathroom arrangements vary between residence halls. Some set-ups are suite (or “shared”) arrangements and some are shared for the floor. (A suite bath means two rooms share the bath.) Suite baths are cleaned weekly and floor baths are cleaned daily.

Desks, chairs, and shelving pieces can always be moved. (In very few rooms, shelves have been screwed to the wall by residents. You will be fined if you screw furniture to the wall, but it is often left in place after you move out.) Some rooms have the closet and/or dresser built in with the walls as a large piece of furniture. Some Quad rooms have built in closets.

PLEASE NOTE: Some photos are dated! Rooms are always being maintained and updated. We will try to keep updating photos, but we need people to submit updated pictures.  Click here for pricing as of 4/8/2020 for current students.

Check out the individual posts to see photos and commentary about room set-ups and hall commodities. Also, go to reslife.rpi.edu to see floor plans of various halls. Thanks for checking this out. If you have any questions about residence halls, feel free to post questions on here.


Wendy Hu (Information Technology & Web Science and Computer Science ’20)

Nikita Serebryanik (Information Technology & Web Science and Business Management ’21)

Rachel Blacker (Information Technology & Web Science and Business Management ’18)

Candice Poon (Electronic Media Arts & Communication and Information Technology & Web Science ‘16)

Rebecca Raha Radparvar (Mechanical Engineering and Design, Innovation, & Society ’15)

Brian Nock (Civil Engineering ’13)

This blog was originally published in mid-March of 2010. It was created as a favor to the Freshman Class of 2014 and future classes. All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and as time allows, we are verifying and changing information. This blog is not run by the Office of Residence Life.

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  1. Hello,
    Say a friend and I were incoming freshman and both going to live on campus. Would we be able to choose each other as a roommate? Or are roommates selected by the school?

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