Do you think it would be advisable to get a printer, and do most people do that or just use the credit and public printers?

I would say confidently that most freshman rooms have a printer. One of the two (or three) roommates typically brings one. That being said, I’m sure that the use of these varies. I am a rising senior; I had a deskjet printer that I used some freshman year, but ink is expensive. Over the years, I have found it easier (and generally more convenient) to just use the campus printers.

If you’re unsure, I would wait until you arrive to get a printer. You can always buy one later; it may be harder to buy one and return it after finding that you don’t use it.

Last thing: a lot of this depends on what you are studying (major) and how you study (study habits). Some students print all of their notes or have a lot of assignments that require printing.


So I’m trying to figure out my housing preference, but I guess I’m not clear on a few things. 1) For suite style-the bathrooms: how many people share that bathroom, 3 (for one room) or was it (6 for 2 rooms)? In that bathroom, is there only one shower, toilet, etc? Or multiple, in in the bathroom? 2) If I decide to go for suite style, and if a roomate is in the suite style bathroom, am I still allowed to use the floor bathroom? And another thing: I heard there are printing rooms in the housing itself, so I wouldn’t have to walk to the computer lab, is that the case for all housing: do all of them have that? There seems to be no facebook group, or anyway to contact future rpi kid: all there was, is a form that asks simply 6 questions and randomly pairs with you someone, so I’m a little worried.

1) It depends on what hall you’re discussing. In the Quad, almost all of the suite bathrooms are shared by 4 people (2 in each room). In Barton, all of the suite bathrooms are shared by 6 people (3 in each room). As far as I know, each suite bathroom (no matter where) has only 1 toilet stall, 1 shower, and 1 sink. Good question.

2) Yes, you can use floor bathrooms whenever you want.

Printing) I believe that the Quad is the only freshmen residence hall without an in-house printer. However, to clarify, there are printers all over campus not just at the “computer lab” (which you are probably referring to the Voorhees Computing Center (VCC). There are also computer labs all over campus. For a full list of public printers that students can use, take a look at this: . You should recognize some of those as names of the freshmen residence halls!

Freshman year roommate) When I was admitted two years ago, there was an admitted students site operated by RPI. If you’re not aware of this, they’ve probably done away with it (and moved to Facebook). This is where we went to find out (electronically) if we had been admitted, and we each had a profile. There were forums and chat rooms, etc. I found a guy on there who had similar interests as me and we made the arrangements. If this doesn’t exist, I would encourage you to make use of the RPI Class of 2015 Facebook group. Perhaps you could organize something off of this and get things moving?

Is the laundry room free? Or do you have to pay for that? What about printing: is that free?

When you live on campus, you have access to free use of the laundry facilities. Most halls have about 6 washers and 6 dryers, but it depends on the size. You have to purchase your own detergent and any fabric softeners, etc.

You are allocated $12.50 of printing (black and white) each semester using campus printers. Prints are $0.08/page + $0.02/job. We also have color printers and plotters available. Paying for the charges is really easy since it automatically goes to your Student Account. I encourage you to check out this for more information: