I was just wondering if juniors and seniors could live in quad and what junior and senior on campus housing options were.

Housing shifts slightly from year to year, depending on class sizes and other decisions. This year (2012-2013), only freshmen and sophomores are living in the Quad.

Juniors and seniors have options to live in RAHPs (Rensselaer Apartment Housing Projects), Stacwyck (Apartments on Sunset Terrace), Blitman, Colonie, Polytechnic, North Hall, E-Complex, and Bryckwyck.


Hello, I’m coming to RPI as a transfer student in August. Could you provide any photos of North by any chance? Also, does North have built-in closets or wardrobes? I will have a single.

I’m looking for photos, but I don’t have any! I do apologize; I never anticipated such an interest from older students and growth of the blog. I found a video that includes some footage of E-Complex, which is very similar to North. Footage of hall begins around 2:40.