I am not sure about what I will major in, maybe math, or engineering. So the problem is if I apply as a math major, is it possible to switch to engineering during the first or second semester?

This website is not for RPI questions in general, that is what the class Facebook group is for. But switching majors at RPI is in general pretty easy. You have to keep in mind the later you switch majors, the higher the chance you have to stay for an extra semester or two to catch up on the work you missed.

What happens at RPI when there is heavy snow fall? Are classes canceled? And how often does this happen? Thank you

Snow is a regular and expected thing up in Troy during the winters. It has been rare for class to be cancelled unless for anything severe enough for it to be dangerous for professors to travel to campus. They did cancel classes in February 2014. If something like that does happen though, you will be notified through RPIAlerts.

I was wondering if they have elevators in Crockett Hall? Also, do the doubles there have ACs? Last question, I know the teachers for my classes, but don’t know what books I need. Does each teacher have a different book, even for the same subject and are they needed in the first week? Thank you for the help.

No, Crockett Hall does not have elevators. You probably found this out today, but hopefully some of the fraternity brothers and other volunteers were able to help you get your things inside and upstairs.

You probably also learned that Crockett does not have air conditioning.

To find out the books that you need for your classes, go to bookstore.rpi.edu and click “BOOK INFO” at the top or go straight to: https://login.rpi.edu/cas/login?service=http://bookstore.rpi.edu/cas/index.php. If you search for your courses here, you will get book information specific to your professor and section. Before you buy through the campus bookstore, though, check out the APO book exchange on the third floor of the Student Union, and look at websites like half.com and amazon.com.

For an engineering major (possibly biomed, idk. maybe electrical. maybe computer science. basically i have no idea), do you have any idea how many H&SS credits you have to take? i got 4 credit hours for 1000 writing elective, 4 credit hours for 1000 STSH science and technology elective, and 4 credit hours for 1000 STSS science and technology elective from AP tests. i’m assuming there’s no point in re-taking these classes. i was wondering how many i’ll actually have to take throughout my time at rpi. and would your recommend re-taking calc, even if i got a 4 on the AP calc AB test and had a great teacher in high school for 3 semesters (two of AP calc AB and one of non-AP calc II)?

I really don’t want to get into specific questions regarding personal academics. I’m sure many of you have questions about what courses you should take. Fortunately, when you come to Student Orientation in the next few weeks, your SO Advisors will be available to help you with these kinds of questions. You will register for your fall semester with their guidance at Student Orientation.

As a general answer to your HASS credit question, look at the curricula of the programs you are considering. I’ve found BME (biomedical engineering) here. You can find others simply by googling “rpi biomedical engineering undergrad curriculum”. Each program should have it somewhere on their site.

It’s hard to advise students on whether or not to re-take courses for which they’ve received AP credit. Overall, it sounds like you know your stuff and would be bored in Calc I here. I would say to move on to Calc II for this coming fall semester.

1) Do teachers assign and go around checking homework? 2) Do most professors know a student by name? And just a few questions about campus: since I Wont be knowing where any of the buildings are on the first day of school, will the professor kill me if I’m late? How long does it take to get to the farthest building on campus?

College can be very different from high school; you are much more independent and being nervous is normal. They aren’t idiotic questions.

In college, students are still students, but your ‘teachers’ become professors. Professors do assign homework, but they aren’t going to walk around the classroom to check it. They will assign a due date and you will submit it at the beginning of class (in most cases). They’ll return it a week or so later – usually an older student called a teaching assistant (TA, for short) will do the grading.

Most professors know student by name, yes. Do most professors know all of their students by name? No way! It’s good to know your professors and have them know you, though. Go to office hours, sit in the front of the classroom, and ask engaging questions. If you want them to know your name, it’s easy to make it happen.

At your orientation, you will learn a great amount about campus. Given that you will know your schedule and courses as of student orientation (course registration is part of this), you will have time in the week that you move in to walk around campus and learn where your classes are each day. But no, the professor is not going to kill you if you’re late! They will be very understanding.

At the worst, you have 10 minutes between classes. Many students have a few hours. It’s easy to get between the DCC and West Hall (buildings at the extreme corners of where classes are held) in ten minutes.

Don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of time to settle in and do well here.

Does RPI have study rooms of some sort? I know some schools have privatized rooms for you to be by yourself and study with no distractions-if the library/your dorm is too noisy for you

Short answer: yes.

First of all, the library has rooms that you can get for studying both individually and as a group.

In addition, most residence halls also have lounges or rooms that students use to study and do homework.

Beyond this, there are places all over campus to study. While the McNeil Room can get loud, it is very popular. There are cafés all over, empty classrooms you can get, and student study lounges in almost every academic building on campus.

Finding quiet places to study shouldn’t be a problem.

Right now im under undeclared engineering, is it possible that when I go to the student orientation and choose courses, I can declare that I want to be chemical engineering right away? or do I have to take the ‘undeclared engineering’ courses for the first year/semester?

When you register for courses during SO, you will not have an immediate opportunity to declare your major. However, you can take care of this very early on in your first semester, if you choose. You’ll have to fill out a form with your academic advisor and submit it.

HOWEVER, I want to clarify that there are not ‘undeclared engineering’ courses. All first year engineering students are taking most of the same courses anyway. A student who has declared ChemE will likely take the same courses as an undeclared student who is considering ChemE. (I say likely because the courses you take are up to you.) I hope this makes sense.