I’m an incoming freshman, and was wondering which freshmen hall is the best/most popular? Also wondering what the situation is with incoming athletes and rooming. I know some schools make you dorm with teammates

There are pros and cons to each freshman hall. If you talk to current students you will hear each of them say a different hall. If you want to see pros and cons for some of the halls check out the list on the official RPI Class of 20XX Facebook Group, you should be added to that soon. In regards to athletes and rooming, as far as we know you are not required to room with teammates, though highly recommend and most of the time athletic team members room together.


Can you you raise your own bed? What tools are needed?

Beds in the Freshman Five & BARH are adjustable. You just need to pop out the bar and place it in the selected height. A hammer is beneficial, but you don’t need it to adjust the bed. Risers are not recommended for the Freshman Five & BARH as the beds are heavy. You can also choose to loft the beds.

For beds in Nason and Davison, these are not adjustable. You should get risers to raise the bed or choose to loft it.

For Barton, the beds are already lofted and you do not have to do anything.

I’m a incoming freshman and I’m interested in Nugent hall. May I get a few picture that shows the room and its structure, the privacy wall in the center of the room, and the bathroom? I would really appreciate it.

If you look at the tab “Room Photos” and then “Davison and Nugent Hall” you will find almost all of the pictures you are looking for. Sadly, we do not have pictures of the bathroom but the setup is sink in the room, door to the bathroom (lockable), toilet, shower, door to suite room (lockable), sink in room.

I read that they will be opening up Davidson for freshman in a year. Is that true and is it’s location too far away from the other typical freshman living? Also, those rooms seem to be doubles with a divide down the middle making you have some private space. Do you think this is a disadvantage because you don’t end up sitting around talking w/ your roomate because you can’t see them?

Davison is on freshman hill, just like the freshman five and Barton, so it’s not far away at all. Davison is split so you do have your own private space which is just different than other freshman buildings. This doesn’t prevent you from getting to know your roommate, but put effort into hanging out in the common rooms, outside, and other spots on campus.

I’m a rising sophomore hoping to live in the WNDS portion of campus, though I no longer have anyone to room with. I have a number between 450 and 500. Do you think there is a chance I can get into a room in that area?

Yes, there is a very good chance. There are more than 300 people who live in WNDS. Many sophomores prefer to live elsewhere on campus (Blitman, STACwyck, etc.) so the first 450-500 won’t all want WNDS.

Also, if someone else takes only half of a double in either of Nugent, Davison, or Warren, you will be one of few people interested in taking the other half.

Do singles in Nugent have a shelf built into the wall like the doubles do?

Short answer: no. You’re either in 215, 311, 315, or 415.

311 has a vertical chest of drawers (about 5’ tall) and a large closet with double sliding doors. Additionally there is a desk, bed, and some shelves below the large window.

The X15’s have a bed, desk, and a built in closet (but still a piece of furniture). The closet is half hanging space. The other half is split into drawers and a cabinet.

Hopefully this makes sense, but there is no large shelf piece diving the rooms as the doubles have.