Why is there next to no information about Bryckwyck? I have no idea what is in there, or even what the inside looks like. All Res-Life has is a floor plan that doesn’t really help. They don’t even have it listed in their “furnishings” page. Anything you might have to add?

This is a student run page. We get most of our information from friends, RAs or LAs that we know. At this time we don’t know people in Bryckwyck which is why we have no information about it at this time. I am very sorry we don’t have information about it right now, but if you plan on living there next year we could use your help and feature your room and what is listed there on our page for future students. Hopefully we can include more information in the future.


Would you recommend living in the “B” RAHPS (as those are the only ones that are available through group commons)?

“B” RAHPS must be a new name for the ones below Bryckwyck; these are the ones that I live in. I would highly recommend it. I prefer RAHPs to STACwyck because you don’t have strangers living above/below you, so you can sleep when you want. The neighbors are either quiet (in our case) or the walls are more soundproof. It’s the farthest housing from campus (maybe second to Colonie). These RAHPs have all been renovated this past summer or will be this coming summer; this includes all new furniture, full painting, new flooring throughout. Really (despite their age and general low build quality) it’s a good place for a college student to live.

Also… you should go on the housing tour when they offer them. You would be able to walk through RAHPs and see it for yourself.

I was just wondering if juniors and seniors could live in quad and what junior and senior on campus housing options were.

Housing shifts slightly from year to year, depending on class sizes and other decisions. This year (2012-2013), only freshmen and sophomores are living in the Quad.

Juniors and seniors have options to live in RAHPs (Rensselaer Apartment Housing Projects), Stacwyck (Apartments on Sunset Terrace), Blitman, Colonie, Polytechnic, North Hall, E-Complex, and Bryckwyck.

Could you post pictures of Bryckwyck apartments?

Unfortunately, for once, I can’t come through for you. Bryckwyck is opening to undergraduate students for the first time in fall 2012, so I’ve never had access to the building. I’m away from campus for the summer. If you want details about the space, I would recommend contacting the Office of Residential Education during regular business hours.

If something comes up and I am able to get photos, I’ll be sure to edit this response – I do apologize, though!