Places to Buy Linens

Many people have sent in questions in regards to buying the RPI linen package or purchasing from an outside source. There are pros and cons to both. Personally I like purchasing from an outside source because you are able to keep your linens afterwards. Here are the links for some different options:

RPI Residence Hall Linens:


Bed Bath and Beyond:

I’m an incoming freshman at RPI and I just got a bunch of information about linen packages that can be bought through the school. My question is, is it worth it to go with that company, or should I get sheets, etc separately?

I believe the linen packages are from a third party that partnered with RPI. I do not really see a real benefit of getting sheets from them if you have found better or cheaper ones elsewhere. I do recommend shopping around during the summer and saving those 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. That saved me a whole bunch of money when I was shopping for linens.

A freshman from China asking: are the beddings ready in freshmen 5? Should I bring any of the pillows, quilts, sheets, mats or even mattresses?

Great question, mostly because it’s you’ll be at a loss if you don’t have the right answer.

NONE of the residence hall beds on campus come with bedding. Every bed comes with a mattress (size is twin extra long: 38” x 80”), but nothing more than the mattress. You will need to bring (or purchase when you arrive to Troy) sheets, pillow(s), quilts/comforter, and a mattress pad.

I’m going to be attending RPI this coming fall, and I was wondering if there was a way to get the RPI linen ordering guys to ship the stuff I ordered to the dorm I’m staying in, rather than to my house (I live in California and the extra packing would be a pain). Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who you mean by the “RPI linen ordering guys.” I kind of remember an offer when I was a freshman to buy linens, but I don’t remember details. That being said, this is a question better directed to them (the “linen ordering guys”).

I do know that big box stores like Bed, Bath, & Beyond will allow you to shop in any store or online and have all of your chosen products prepared for pick-up at a store near your school (RPI). If you go this way with some of your stuff, you don’t pay for the shipping, you just need to go out to the store nearest RPI (in nearby Colonie, 15 minutes drive) and pick it up.

What is the bed bug situation in RPI dorms. I am a freshman and will be housing in Crockett Hall. Do i need to carry bed bug protected mattress pads

To my knowledge, we have not had incidents of bed bugs at RPI. If there have been incidents, they are taken care of by FIXX.

I would always recommend a mattress pad from a stand point of comfort. I’ve not known any students to have a “bed bug protected mattress pad” but if you want to, get one. That’s your deal.