How would you rank the freshman dorms? It seems like Sharp would be number one. In what order would you place the remaining dorms.

I would actually not rank Sharp as number one. I personally would rank the Freshman 5 as top. Everyone has a different opinion. That being said, if I were to give mine, it would be the following:

  1. Freshman Five
  2. Davison/Nugent
  3. Warren
  4. Barton
  5. BARH
  6. Sharp

In the freshman five there are a block of rooms (117,217,317) that are 168 SF (20 SF less than the standard 188SF), with a door not centered, but off to the side. Are the wardrobes built in next to each other along the wall, as shown on the floor plan? And, do you have any photos of the #17-block with how students set up and accommodate for the smaller space? I imagine lofting is a good idea for both roommates who share these doubles.

We do have some pictures of this. The wardrobes are next to each other. You do not need to loft the beds to still have room!