Quadrangle (Quad) Pictures

The Quad is divided into 19 stacks. Each stack is connected to an adjacent stack on the third floor (with the exception of Church VI). Each stack has a small kitchen with a microwave, stove/oven, sink, and some cabinet space for students. Stacks in Quad offer lounges/study rooms, as well. Laundry in Quad is located in the “basement” of Hunt II and must be accessed by going outside. Corner stacks have larger kitchens with full-sized refrigerators and more counter space, but do not have lounges.

Quad 1 is made up of White I, White II, White III, White IV, Hunt I, Hunt II, Hunt III, Buck, Cooper and MacDonald. Quad 2 is made up of Roebling, Pardee, Caldwell, Church I, Church II, Church III, Church IV, Church V and Church VI.  If you are in Quad 1, you will have access to all of Quad 1 but not Quad 2 and vice versa. Quad 1 was recently renovated and Quad 2 is being renovated Summer 2018.


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