I will be in Colonie B next year. What are the dimensions of a room, closet, and bathroom? Are there shower stalls or tubs with showers? Thanks for your website.

Sadly, we do not have dimensions of the room. That being said, in Colonie B, it is two people living in a suite that has two adjoining rooms and a private bath. Square footage per room is approximately 165 square feet. One room has 163 and one room has 167 square feet. The bathrooms are tubs with a shower.


How big are the bathrooms in Hall Hall?

They are the same sized bathrooms as all of the other Freshman Five. Between the toilets, sinks and showers, they take up the size of two dorm rooms. When you first walk into the room you will have stalls (for women there are 5, this may be different than men), then you walk through a doorway and you have 5 sinks and 5 showers.

I’m a incoming freshman and I’m interested in Nugent hall. May I get a few picture that shows the room and its structure, the privacy wall in the center of the room, and the bathroom? I would really appreciate it.

If you look at the tab “Room Photos” and then “Davison and Nugent Hall” you will find almost all of the pictures you are looking for. Sadly, we do not have pictures of the bathroom but the setup is sink in the room, door to the bathroom (lockable), toilet, shower, door to suite room (lockable), sink in room.

I am trying to buy a shower curtain (yes, I know they are included but I want a pretty one) for my dorm next year in Polytechnic. What length should I get? I see some are 70″ long but thats hardly six feet and I’m not sure if it will reach to the floor and keep the water where its supposed to be. If you have any idea, I’d much appreciate it!

The showers in Polytech are step in showers, not bathtubs so I will think like 7ft curtains? I’m not completely sure to be honest.

I was curious to know about floor-baths on 3rd floor in Quad. In each stack, how many sink(s), toilet(s), and bath stalls available? Thx.

If you don’t know: two stacks are connected on the third floor. (i.e. Caldwell is connected to Church I). There is a bathroom at each end of this short “hall” Each bathroom has one or two sinks, a toilet, and a shower. There are only about 8-10 people who live up there, so I found it to work quite nicely.

Regarding Warren – does the attached bathrooms need shower curtains? Bath mats?

All residence hall bathrooms are equipped with shower curtains. If you so desire, you are permitted to put your own up, but the original does need to be in the room when you move out. From my experience, the shower curtains are in great shape; they are often replaced annually.

Regarding bath mats – in Warren, you almost definitely need to bring your own. Some halls with floor baths may have rubber mats to prevent slipping on the larger surfaces, but I’m not certain on that either.

What does a triple in BARH look like? It is one of the rooms on the outer sides so it looks bigger than the ones in the middle, but is it like one bunkbed and one single bed. Have people ever complained about being cramped? Also is there a cleaning service for the bathrooms?

What does a triple in BARH look like? I honestly don’t know, and they are quite rare. I’m confident that it would, in fact, be one set of bunked beds and one single bed. For a more certain answer, you can contact the Office of Residential Education.

Have people ever complained about being cramped? Ever…? in the history of BARH triples? It’s probably happened, yes… but you’re not living in a closet. You’ll make the space work – that’s part of what college is about.

Is there a cleaning service for the bathrooms? Yes. RPI has a department called Environmental and Site Services. Each building has at least one cleaning person assigned to it. This staff person will clean the bathrooms (usually once a week) and maintain the common living spaces, like hallways, lounges, kitchens, etc. You are still responsible for keeping things tidy and not making huge messes – it’s not a maid service. [Some people prefer to clean their own bathroom. If this is the case, you can just ask your cleaning person not to clean your bathroom, but you do need to do it. If you don’t, you can be fined.]

Hello, I recently received my room assignment (BARH–room D310) and am wondering why the rooms on the bottom-left of the floor plans on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors have no toilet. Is there some mistake on the plans? If not, what bathroom is supposed to be used?

From my understanding, you are talking about your own room. The toilet was left out of the blueprint (which is not meant to be comprehensive). I’m am certain that you have a toilet. I marked it in green below. Bathrooms are all in red.


What is the probability of a freshman getting a Quad Triple with a shared bathroom vs a floor bathroom?

I really don’t know how to answer this because the question is kind of uninformed (which isn’t really your fault). In the Quad, you can end up in a variety of setups:

  • Double room with a floor bath
  • Triple room with a floor bath
  • Double room with a shared bath
  • Triple room with a shared bath

By far, the most common is the double room with a shared bath. There is a rare chance that you will get any other setup, but it is possible.

I’ve been trying to find out through the official RPI site but I can’t find anything that will say whether halls are co-ed by floors (one half of a floor is girls, the other is boys) or by buildings (alternate floors are alternate sexes). If someone would like to bring a bike, are there specific places to chain them up to? Lastly, how accommodating is the staff if things don’t work out between roommates? Thank you for all the help.

Floors can be co-ed “by floor” (as you defined it) or “by hall.” It just depends on how things fall. All bathrooms are single sex.

Bikes can be secured to racks that are located outside of each residence hall. Some also have bike rooms inside.

If there is a ‘roommate-conflict,’ your RA will be willing and able to talk through this with you. The RA will help make a decision on the best way to resolve the situation; rarely does it end in a room change, but it happens.

I’ll be a junior living in Colonie next year, building C to be exact. Should I bring my own shower curtain for the shower? Also, the RA that showed me the room showed hers, and she had brought her own bed (a full size instead of the regular twin). Is it ok for someone who is not an RA to do that? Are we allowed to bring the RPI bed and store it at home for the year? Thanks!

1. You can bring your own shower curtain if you want. They should provide one, though.

2. I’m going to be brief. Read between the lines. Your RA will do your room condition report at the beginning of the year. This confirms what furniture and defects were in the room at the start of your occupancy. When you check out in the spring, all of that furniture needs to be back. In the mean time, just make sure that you pass your health & safety inspection (i.e. don’t block the door with any additional furniture).

Is there a possibilty of renting a minifridge/tv? And do you prefer suite or floor bathroom?

You can rent mini fridges from a company called the Refrigerator Leasing Company. You should receive more information about this opportunity when you receive your housing assignment (typically about mid-July, I believe). From my experience, it is more economical to buy your own.

I am not aware of any opportunities to rent a television, sorry.

I prefer suite bathrooms.

Aren’t people more likely going to choose rooms with floor baths, due to the fact that the cleaning people clean the floor baths everyday, whereas the ones with suite style baths are only cleaned once a month?

I have no idea how the demand for rooms turns out each year.

However, I will clarify that suite bathrooms are cleaned by the Environmental Services staff once a week, not once a month. Also, keep in mind that 4-6 people use a suite bathroom and sometimes up to 30 people use a floor bath.

So I’m trying to figure out my housing preference, but I guess I’m not clear on a few things. 1) For suite style-the bathrooms: how many people share that bathroom, 3 (for one room) or was it (6 for 2 rooms)? In that bathroom, is there only one shower, toilet, etc? Or multiple, in in the bathroom? 2) If I decide to go for suite style, and if a roomate is in the suite style bathroom, am I still allowed to use the floor bathroom? And another thing: I heard there are printing rooms in the housing itself, so I wouldn’t have to walk to the computer lab, is that the case for all housing: do all of them have that? There seems to be no facebook group, or anyway to contact future rpi kid: all there was, is a form that asks simply 6 questions and randomly pairs with you someone, so I’m a little worried.

1) It depends on what hall you’re discussing. In the Quad, almost all of the suite bathrooms are shared by 4 people (2 in each room). In Barton, all of the suite bathrooms are shared by 6 people (3 in each room). As far as I know, each suite bathroom (no matter where) has only 1 toilet stall, 1 shower, and 1 sink. Good question.

2) Yes, you can use floor bathrooms whenever you want.

Printing) I believe that the Quad is the only freshmen residence hall without an in-house printer. However, to clarify, there are printers all over campus not just at the “computer lab” (which you are probably referring to the Voorhees Computing Center (VCC). There are also computer labs all over campus. For a full list of public printers that students can use, take a look at this: http://helpdesk.rpi.edu/update.do?artcenterkey=301 . You should recognize some of those as names of the freshmen residence halls!

Freshman year roommate) When I was admitted two years ago, there was an admitted students site operated by RPI. If you’re not aware of this, they’ve probably done away with it (and moved to Facebook). This is where we went to find out (electronically) if we had been admitted, and we each had a profile. There were forums and chat rooms, etc. I found a guy on there who had similar interests as me and we made the arrangements. If this doesn’t exist, I would encourage you to make use of the RPI Class of 2015 Facebook group. Perhaps you could organize something off of this and get things moving?

Do rooms without a shared bath have a mirror? Would you say the closet + dresser is sufficient space for someone with a lot of clothes/shoes? (particularly in Barton)

No, the only mirrors provided by RPI would be found in the bathrooms. You should look into buying a full length (or really, any size) mirror for your room. I believe I got one for $5 at Target last year.

I personally have tons of clothes. While there is a considerable amount of space for them, I can’t bring them all to school. The armoires should measure about 39” across the hanging rod. If you have tons of shoes, consider buying a shoe storage container. Remember, also, that you can buy storage things when you move in. It’s smarter to know what exactly you’re working with before you make the purchases.

What is your opinion on hall bathrooms vs shared/suite bathrooms. In principle I think I would want to go for a shared bathroom but I don’t know the unforeseen differences between the two that emerge during college life. Also it seems like having a shared bathroom in Barton would be convenient than a hall bathroom because of the two triples sharing a single bathroom.

I personally have a shared bath and it’s nice because we can leave our stuff in there. That’s the major difference. A floor bath can be nicer because there are more showers/toilets. Also, having a shared bath usually means you can hear the shower/toilet from your room. If you’re a light sleeper and your suitemates/roommate(s) shower at different hours, this is something to consider.

A big thing about having a shared/suite bath in Barton is having a sink in your room. This means you can brush your teeth/wash your face without leaving your room. Although it isn’t required, wearing flip-flops to protect your feet is more necessary in floor baths.

Showering/using the bathroom whenever you want can go either way with this. It may work that you and your suite/roommates have workable shower schedules, or your schedules could clash. In this case, you could always go shower on a floor bath. There is also a “guest bathroom” (you might call it) with just a toilet and sink on each floor.