Is there a way to get lower lottery number? Such as by signing up early or doing something early? Or it’s just pure luck? And also during room selection event, can you also “request” for someone to be in the same dorm/section or floor, if the number of people is odd. So that we can 1 suite and 1 single on the same dorm section/floor.

There is no way to get a lower lottery number.

You can request someone to be in the same suite/apartment as you, but not on the same floor. They can select the same floor as you but there is no way to request this.

What’s this lottery policy about getting your dorms at RPI? I read on the Enrollment Guide site that RPI assigns the residence halls. So, does the lottery apply to freshmen? How does dorm lottery work?

The lottery process is for returning students (rising sophomores, juniors, seniors). Incoming freshmen do not have to worry about this. You should have received a housing preference form as an incoming freshman – this is a first forms received, first preference process.

RPI does not assign the halls. Students are entered in the lottery (you have to sign up for the lottery as an upperclass student). ResLife randomly assigns lottery numbers. Students choose their room based off of the numbers. This is a really simple breakdown of a more complicated process, but you do not need to worry about this for another year.


Since Freshmen are the only ones guaranteed housing, I have two questions: (1) What is the off-campus housing situation like & (2) what are the chances that a student can stay on campus for all years?

Thanks for the questions! I’m not sure of the contract for students, but I believe that sophomores are also guaranteed housing, as they have to live on-campus (as of the incoming Class of 2013).

(1) There is a considerable amount of off-campus housing in the area. Many (maybe ~50% of the class) students opt to move off campus beginning their junior year. This housing is available through local landlords and is rented by students (graduate and undergraduate) as well as local members of the community who work in the area. Check out ResLife’s Off Campus page for more resources. Pay close attention to the link for “Jump Off Campus”

(2) If you wish, it is VERY possible to live on campus all four years. You may not get the housing that you prefer (which depends on how the lotteries unfold), but you can very easily live on campus all four years. Often times, you’ll get something in your top choices. Also, you can participate in CR2 after junior year, which means you sign to live in the same room for your senior year.

Hey, so how exactly does this lottery thing work. If I have a low number and I want to live in Sharp, do I bring the other 5 girls with whom I want to room to the Room Selection Event ? Also how does it affect our ability to get the room if other girls have low lottery numbers ?

All 6 of you will attend the lottery at the time of the best (lowest) number. If any person cannot attend, they should complete a proxy form and send it with those who are attending.

Only the lowest number is important. If you have 1, and the others have 250+… you have 1 – that’s what matters. I will say that (historically), you will need to have number ~25 or lower to get into Sharp. Have a back-up plan!

How does the lottery numbers work for Sharp? Do you only get one room or can you get a suit?

Details about the lottery for rising sophomores can be found here. Hopefully that answers the first question.

With the lottery for Sharp (and other buildings in the same offering), you bring ALL of the people you want to live with in the suite to the lottery at the time of the lowest number of someone in your group. Each individual gets a room in the suite.

One person cannot get a suite. In fact, one person might not be able to occupy an individual room without a few others. The idea is that Sharp is for groups of students who want to live together.

Unless something has changed, this info is correct. You can always call ResLife during business hours – (518) 276-6284.