How would you rank the freshman dorms? It seems like Sharp would be number one. In what order would you place the remaining dorms.

I would actually not rank Sharp as number one. I personally would rank the Freshman 5 as top. Everyone has a different opinion. That being said, if I were to give mine, it would be the following:

  1. Freshman Five
  2. Davison/Nugent
  3. Warren
  4. Barton
  5. BARH
  6. Sharp

My son is in BARH and the heating is completely unregulated. Sometimes it goes full blast even when the temperature outside is 70 and sometimes it is completely off even when it dips down to 32 deg F. Can someone explain to me how can an institute full of engineers is unable to install something as simple as a thermostat for a residence hall?

This site is run by students, not Residence Life. I encourage you or your son to reach out to Residence Life about any complaints.