Is E-Complex a freshman dorm for this year? Because if it is, then I shouldn’t be there since im a sophomore. Also, does every E-complex room have an AC?

No, I believe E is for Sophomores this year. As for AC, I don’t think E complex has AC for every room.

I am an incoming freshmen and was placed in a single in Hirai Hall. This isn’t one of the freshman dorm choices and wasn’t one of my picks. I was wondering if this is now a freshman dorm or is it mixed and I could be place in a suite with upperclassman? Also since this in nowhere near the freshman dining hall am I allowed to eat in a closer dining hall?

Hirai Hall is a part of E-Complex and singles in Hirai are big and close to academic buildings. I believe it was Sophomore housing though. You can email Reslife about it and ask if there’s a mistake. I you end up living in E, you can go to Sage Dining Hall for food, which is about only 5 minutes walk from E.