Which res halls have kitchens with a stove top?

The following freshman halls have kitchens with a stove top:

  • Freshman Five (Bray, Hall, Cary, Crocket, Nugent)
  • Davison & Nugent
  • Warren
  • Sharp
  • Quad (each stack has a kitchen on the first floor with a stove and oven)
  • BARH

Can both beds in quad be lofted? How would I loft the second?

Straight from Residence Life’s Website:

Homemade bed lofts are not permitted in Residence Halls on campus.

Renssealer is partnering with loftconcepts.com to offer lofts to increase floor space in residence halls. Students living in Blitman, Bray, Cary, Crockett, Davison, E-Complex, Hall, Nason, North, Nugent, RAHP, Stacwyck, Sharp, and Warren, can order a loft at loftconcepts.com. You will receive in room delivery and assembly of their loft prior to arrival on campus.