Hey, so how exactly does this lottery thing work. If I have a low number and I want to live in Sharp, do I bring the other 5 girls with whom I want to room to the Room Selection Event ? Also how does it affect our ability to get the room if other girls have low lottery numbers ?

All 6 of you will attend the lottery at the time of the best (lowest) number. If any person cannot attend, they should complete a proxy form and send it with those who are attending.

Only the lowest number is important. If you have 1, and the others have 250+… you have 1 – that’s what matters. I will say that (historically), you will need to have number ~25 or lower to get into Sharp. Have a back-up plan!


How does the lottery numbers work for Sharp? Do you only get one room or can you get a suit?

Details about the lottery for rising sophomores can be found here. Hopefully that answers the first question.

With the lottery for Sharp (and other buildings in the same offering), you bring ALL of the people you want to live with in the suite to the lottery at the time of the lowest number of someone in your group. Each individual gets a room in the suite.

One person cannot get a suite. In fact, one person might not be able to occupy an individual room without a few others. The idea is that Sharp is for groups of students who want to live together.

Unless something has changed, this info is correct. You can always call ResLife during business hours – (518) 276-6284.

Why is sharp so desired?

I’ll have to answer this with a kind of jaded perspective, but I’ll do my best. Most current students would probably agree that Sharp is the nicest available residence hall for sophomore students. Sharp is close to academic campus, has suite-style living, and a living room. There is also a kitchen and some work-out equipment downstairs. All-in-all it is kind of the whole package. The other sophomore residence halls are still nice, but they may not be as close, or are not suite-style.

I’m kind of inclined to believe that you are an incoming student, so I will note that Sharp is restricted to sophomore residents.