First, have you heard of the Megabus and what do you think about it? Second, what do you think about the mobile computing package and would you recommend it?

Megabus is a great value if you need travel from Albany. I was able to ride Megabus back to NYC for $15 a ticket, which is extremely affordable. The bus also as AC outlets and wifi which is a plus.

It really depends on what major you are, and what type of computer you prefer. The warranty is great if you are clumsy and the laptop might have software that you will need. That being said, don’t force yourself to buy one just because it’s the RPI one. If you find a better value or use a Mac, choose what makes you happier.

What suggestions do you have on how to bring our luggages to campus? Will the luggages be able to fit on the RPI Shuttle we will take from the airport to the campus? Just a note, I will be bringing two luggages.

The RPI shuttle should be able to accommodate you and your luggage just fine! As for advice about packing, I just advise to really consider your limited space and how much you are bringing. Keep in mind too when packing, Walmart is just a bus ride away.

Do you have any pictures or advice about the Colonie Apartments? I will be a new transfer in the fall, and have been assigned to Colonie D. I’ve heard less than stellar things about the Colonie buildings so I am considering some off-campus options.

I don’t have pictures of Colonie, but I could offer advice if I knew more specifics. None of the on campus housing is uninhabitable and RPI has services and methods of making things right where they may be wrong (maintenance, upgrades, etc.). Without knowing specifics about the “less than stellar” things you heard, it’s difficult for me to offer advice. What are you used to in terms of your standard of living? What did you hear that turned you off?

I will say that you will probably ride the shuttle to class unless you have a bicycle or like to walk. It’s about a 15 minute walk to class, I would estimate. You also have a convenient Rite Aid nearby.

I’ve been trying to find out through the official RPI site but I can’t find anything that will say whether halls are co-ed by floors (one half of a floor is girls, the other is boys) or by buildings (alternate floors are alternate sexes). If someone would like to bring a bike, are there specific places to chain them up to? Lastly, how accommodating is the staff if things don’t work out between roommates? Thank you for all the help.

Floors can be co-ed “by floor” (as you defined it) or “by hall.” It just depends on how things fall. All bathrooms are single sex.

Bikes can be secured to racks that are located outside of each residence hall. Some also have bike rooms inside.

If there is a ‘roommate-conflict,’ your RA will be willing and able to talk through this with you. The RA will help make a decision on the best way to resolve the situation; rarely does it end in a room change, but it happens.