Hi, I’m going to be a sophomore transfer student. (1.) Will the school put me in separate transfer dorms or can I choose where I want to live? (2.) Also, will I be rooming with other transfer students? (3.) Do you happen to know which dorms have the most Asians?

1 & 2. There are no separate transfer dorms. You will be allowed to choose from the sophomore housing options (Warren, Nugent, Davison, Sharp, some RAHPs, some STACwyck, Blitman… I believe). You will live intermixed with the returning students.

3. I don’t really know, but one year Nugent had a concentration of Asian residents. You might think to contact groups like CASA (Chinese American Student Association) to see where the rising sophomores are living.


Hello, I’m coming to RPI as a transfer student in August. Could you provide any photos of North by any chance? Also, does North have built-in closets or wardrobes? I will have a single.

I’m looking for photos, but I don’t have any! I do apologize; I never anticipated such an interest from older students and growth of the blog. I found a video that includes some footage of E-Complex, which is very similar to North. Footage of hall begins around 2:40.

Do you have any pictures or advice about the Colonie Apartments? I will be a new transfer in the fall, and have been assigned to Colonie D. I’ve heard less than stellar things about the Colonie buildings so I am considering some off-campus options.

I don’t have pictures of Colonie, but I could offer advice if I knew more specifics. None of the on campus housing is uninhabitable and RPI has services and methods of making things right where they may be wrong (maintenance, upgrades, etc.). Without knowing specifics about the “less than stellar” things you heard, it’s difficult for me to offer advice. What are you used to in terms of your standard of living? What did you hear that turned you off?

I will say that you will probably ride the shuttle to class unless you have a bicycle or like to walk. It’s about a 15 minute walk to class, I would estimate. You also have a convenient Rite Aid nearby.