Is RPI more of a random hookups school or relationship school?

I have to say that this question is a little immature. If you want to just “hook-up” with people at RPI, that’s something that I’m sure you can find. If you want a relationship, you can seek that out as well. I don’t believe that we have a standard, but I know many respectable people who are in stable relationships at RPI.

Do girls tend to be asked out fairly early in to the school year since they’re in high demand (due to the bad ratio of m/f?)

It’s probably fair to say that if you’re looking to be ‘asked out’ early in the year, you can definitely make it happen. Go out the first weekend and I’m sure you can find more than one person who is interested in you.

That being said, you can also avoid this if you want. One way would be to not go out and be social (which I wouldn’t recommend). The alternative would be to just tell anyone who asks that you’re not interested.

Do overnight guests have to fill out paperwork, or do I have to do that prior to their arrival? Do they need a sticker to put on their car if they’re driving here?

No, they don’t need paperwork to stay. Simply put, it’s important that your RA know who’s around for safety and security purposes.

Parking is different. Visitors would have to pay to park at a meter or find a place to park nearby for free. Here’s a link for more information: