Is RPI more of a random hookups school or relationship school?

I have to say that this question is a little immature. If you want to just “hook-up” with people at RPI, that’s something that I’m sure you can find. If you want a relationship, you can seek that out as well. I don’t believe that we have a standard, but I know many respectable people who are in stable relationships at RPI.


Do girls tend to be asked out fairly early in to the school year since they’re in high demand (due to the bad ratio of m/f?)

It’s probably fair to say that if you’re looking to be ‘asked out’ early in the year, you can definitely make it happen. Go out the first weekend and I’m sure you can find more than one person who is interested in you.

That being said, you can also avoid this if you want. One way would be to not go out and be social (which I wouldn’t recommend). The alternative would be to just tell anyone who asks that you’re not interested.

Do overnight guests have to fill out paperwork, or do I have to do that prior to their arrival? Do they need a sticker to put on their car if they’re driving here?

No, they don’t need paperwork to stay. Simply put, it’s important that your RA know who’s around for safety and security purposes.

Parking is different. Visitors would have to pay to park at a meter or find a place to park nearby for free. Here’s a link for more information:

My boyfriend is going to RPI, and I’m going to a school nearby. What are the girls like there? Do I have to worry about girls trying to hit on him at parties and trying to hook up with him?

The girls at RPI are like girls at any other school; there are just fewer of them with respect to the guys. RPI has a 72 males for every 28 females (last I checked). Given this, the girls will have plenty of other guys to ‘hook up with’.

That being said, I don’t know your boyfriend. I hope he can be faithful and control himself. If he wants to cheat, he probably could. Hopefully, though, he would turn down any ladies who made a move on him. Best of luck!

What is the policy for having overnight guests in your dorm that are not students at RPI? I want my girlfriend to sleep over like every other weekend, and my roommate is already cool with that, is that going to be hard to do? Like what should I do to prepare for that?

For the most official answer, I went to my RA (Residence Assistant) friend. Here is what the 2009-2010 RA Handbook says:

“Students are permitted to have visitors in their rooms within the following general guidelines:

  • All residents and their guests are expected to adhere to Institute policies.
  • A visitor is defined as any person not listed currently in Residence Life records as living in the particular area. A visitor shall not remain in the residence for more than three consecutive days per month without the knowledge and consent of the Resident Assistant or Resident Director.
  • Overnight visitors are permitted with the consent of all roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates. In the case of guests who are visiting but not remaining overnight, care must be exercised to allow for the rights of all roommates, suitemates, or apartment mates to enjoy the ―privacy‖ of their shared room, suite, or apartment. Students are expected to respect the rights of their roommates, suitemates, or apartments whenever they have visitors present.
  • The host resident may be subject to formal disciplinary action if the visitor’s presence interferes with the right of the host’s roommate to have access to their room or with the maintenance of their lifestyle in residence. For example, if the visitor remains as a guest in residence for an extended period of time (either intermittently or continuously); if the visitor violates Institute regulations or becomes a disturbing influence in the residence area; or if the visitor presents any health or legal problems by virtue of his or her presence.
  • Any resident or residence area may lose the privilege of visitation if, in the opinion of the Dean of Students Office in consultation with the Resident Assistant and/or Residence Life, visitation becomes a detriment to the ability of a resident or group of residents to live in an atmosphere conducive to effective study.
  • Violation of visitation guidelines may be referred by any member of the Institute community to Residence Life, or the Dean of Students Office. It is the responsibility of each resident to insure that both his or her rights, and the rights of others as residents in Institute housing, are upheld.”

Basically, it’s fine if she comes every other weekend… for now. Your roommate may get tired of having her there so frequently. As a friendly reminder, I would encourage you to branch out and make new friends, too.

How comfortable are the beds during sex?

You should definitely get a mattress pad before you come, or plan to purchase one when you move in. There are different styles (eggshell, memory foam, stuffed, etc.) and fittings (none, elastic straps, fitted like a sheet). You should know, though, that all beds at RPI require Extra-long twin sheets. You should find these in Target closer to August or in linen stores year-round.

A bed is as comfortable as you make it, but I would highly advise getting a mattress pad. Also, the springs under some beds are really squeaky, but who knows if your will be.