So my room will officially be in the quad, White IV. I like cooking, so I looked at the floor plan so that I could find the kitchen, but it didn’t seem to exist on there. Is there not actually a kitchen located on the first floor as RPI’s website says there should be, or am I just confused? Also, what is the laundry situation? Thanks!

I would just look at the floor plans listed on RPI’s website They will have the most information. I should be noted that some lounges may included kitchens.

All laundry for Quad is in the archway. There are about 20 dryers and washers there.

I will be living in Church VI and wanted to know if there is a big difference in the rooms compared to the rest of quad since it’s kind of by itself. I looked at the quad pictures but I’m not sure if those pictures go for Church as well. Could you also tell me if there are laundry machines in the building? Thanks!

I have looked back in our records and those pictures are not from Church VI. The laundry machines are the same as for the rest of Quad, under the archway between Hunt I and Hunt III.