I’m an incoming transfer student for next year (rising sophomore). I’m going to have to live on campus, so I’m curious as to which residence halls are available for transfer students to live in and if there’s anything that resembles apartment living.

Apartment living can be found in Stacwyck, Bryckwyck, RAHPS A or B and Polytechnic. We do not specifically have a dorm for transfer students.


I am trying to buy a shower curtain (yes, I know they are included but I want a pretty one) for my dorm next year in Polytechnic. What length should I get? I see some are 70″ long but thats hardly six feet and I’m not sure if it will reach to the floor and keep the water where its supposed to be. If you have any idea, I’d much appreciate it!

The showers in Polytech are step in showers, not bathtubs so I will think like 7ft curtains? I’m not completely sure to be honest.