On August 2016, I will start my exchange program at The Lally School of Management and I would like to know which is the best residence taking into consideration: – I will only stay for the Fall Semester – I would prefer to stay in a single room (are there private baths for single rooms?) – Distance from the Lally School of MGMT – New/Modern furniture Thanks!

One thing should be noted about RPI: most of our residence halls have not been updated in a while.

If the distance from the Lally School building (Pittsburgh) is the most important to you, then room in Blitman Residence Halls. It is the closest to the Lally School building (Pittsburgh) but it does not have singles, there are only doubles.

If having a single room is the most important to you, then consider rooming in Quad. It is the second closet to Pittsburgh and has singles.

Private bathrooms for single rooms are scarce in Quad. If you want that you will have to go much further away from the Lally School building.


If you had to choose your freshman dorm today, which would you pick?

Interesting & excellent question! I, personally, really enjoyed living in the Quad as a freshman. I liked the historic nature, the proximity to classes and Sage Dining Hall, and the presence of some upperclassmen. I would choose to live in the Quad (again), as a freshman. My second choice would probably be Blitman because I know that a lot of people that I am friends with today lived there, though, in truth my friends were in residence halls all over.

I’m a rising sophomore hoping to live in the WNDS portion of campus, though I no longer have anyone to room with. I have a number between 450 and 500. Do you think there is a chance I can get into a room in that area?

Yes, there is a very good chance. There are more than 300 people who live in WNDS. Many sophomores prefer to live elsewhere on campus (Blitman, STACwyck, etc.) so the first 450-500 won’t all want WNDS.

Also, if someone else takes only half of a double in either of Nugent, Davison, or Warren, you will be one of few people interested in taking the other half.

I was just wondering if juniors and seniors could live in quad and what junior and senior on campus housing options were.

Housing shifts slightly from year to year, depending on class sizes and other decisions. This year (2012-2013), only freshmen and sophomores are living in the Quad.

Juniors and seniors have options to live in RAHPs (Rensselaer Apartment Housing Projects), Stacwyck (Apartments on Sunset Terrace), Blitman, Colonie, Polytechnic, North Hall, E-Complex, and Bryckwyck.