Two questions: 1) Are you allowed to paint the walls in your dorm in Barton Hall on the third floor? 2) Are dorms in the third floor carpeted? If so, are we allowed to remove the carpeting?

  1. No
  2. Yes carpeted, no to removing

One of the Barton pictures show a room with three raised beds, instead of a bunk bed and lofted bed set up. I’m assigned one of the larger Barton rooms. Is it now possible to have all the beds unlofted? Can my roommates and I do it ourselves?

Barton rooms are all the same size, give or take a couple square feet. They’re all triples, and they’re all three raised beds by default. The bunk and lofted bed setup was used before last school year. You can still opt to bunk two of the beds or loft any of them, but there’s a fee associated with doing so—I can’t remember the fee off the top of my head, but it was something around the $150 mark