I am an incoming freshmen and was placed in a single in Hirai Hall. This isn’t one of the freshman dorm choices and wasn’t one of my picks. I was wondering if this is now a freshman dorm or is it mixed and I could be place in a suite with upperclassman? Also since this in nowhere near the freshman dining hall am I allowed to eat in a closer dining hall?

Hirai Hall is a part of E-Complex and singles in Hirai are big and close to academic buildings. I believe it was Sophomore housing though. You can email Reslife about it and ask if there’s a mistake. I you end up living in E, you can go to Sage Dining Hall for food, which is about only 5 minutes walk from E.


I’m an engineering student and is Hall Hall close to classes? Also is it worth it to bring your own desk chair because the chairs they provide you look extremely uncomfortable. Also is food at RPI good? Which meal plan btw?

All dorms that house freshmen are close to classes.

I personally brought my own desk chair and was incredibly glad I did. I was one of the few people that was able to study in my room because it was comfortable. That being some some people do not want to bring their own chair because they still have to keep the school chair with them in the room (or else you will be charged for it). Also some people will just buy a cushion to put on the school chair to make it more comfortable.

The food at RPI is similar to most colleges, not terrible but not fantastic. You will learn to appreciate home cooked food after your first semester here. What meal plan depends on how much you normally eat and how much flex you want. I personally got 15 meals a week when I was a freshman and never even hit that. That being said, I know people that got higher plans and took advantage of them. It honestly just depends on how much you believe you will eat at college. Remember you can always increase your meal plan, but you can only decrease it the first week.