Are there singles in Warren Hall, if that is listed as a pricing option? (I saw in a previous post there are/were not.) Is there a way to gain special accomodations for a single room if you have a documented disability?

I have confirmed with a Warren Hall RA and this was their response:

All rooms in Warren are doubles with a private bath (except for the RA rooms which are just the RA in the double alone). Handicap rooms are also singles and can be requested. Contact ResLife for more information about special accommodations for disabilities.


If one person uses a room in Warren, since it is a double, would it still have the privacy wall and two beds?

I am a little confused by the question and have two answers depending on what you were asking:

  1. You are the only person assigned to your room – it is still a double room. RPI does not change the set up of the room depending on number of people in it.
  2. You believe you have a single room – there are currently no single rooms in Warren. Please see point above because you probably were just not assigned another roommate.

If this does not answer your question please resubmit a question that is clearer. Thanks so much!

I’m a rising sophomore hoping to live in the WNDS portion of campus, though I no longer have anyone to room with. I have a number between 450 and 500. Do you think there is a chance I can get into a room in that area?

Yes, there is a very good chance. There are more than 300 people who live in WNDS. Many sophomores prefer to live elsewhere on campus (Blitman, STACwyck, etc.) so the first 450-500 won’t all want WNDS.

Also, if someone else takes only half of a double in either of Nugent, Davison, or Warren, you will be one of few people interested in taking the other half.

Regarding Warren – does the attached bathrooms need shower curtains? Bath mats?

All residence hall bathrooms are equipped with shower curtains. If you so desire, you are permitted to put your own up, but the original does need to be in the room when you move out. From my experience, the shower curtains are in great shape; they are often replaced annually.

Regarding bath mats – in Warren, you almost definitely need to bring your own. Some halls with floor baths may have rubber mats to prevent slipping on the larger surfaces, but I’m not certain on that either.