How is the weather in Troy during the Fall? Winter? Spring? Are we not allowed to bring a mini heater? Are all housing equipped with heating?

August, September and early October is warm with a couple cold days and some rain. Then in Winter, it gets cold and snowy. Winter usually ends around early April but it can still be chilly in April and early May.

Students living in dorms are not allowed to use any kind of heater but all housing options are equipped with heating and the heating will be there until the end of the Spring semester.


How is mail handled at rpi? Are there lockers in each of the dorms for our mail or do we have to go to one central building to retrieve our packages?

All Freshman would have to go to Commons to get their mails and packages. There is one small mail box for each dorm room and you will receive the keycode with your dorm keys. Packages are arranged to be picked up on the first floor of Commons, where you would present your student ID to the staffs and they will bring out you packages.

I know rpi has Facebook pages, so would you suggest i join the class of ’22 page? Also I was wondering how roommate requests work, am I allowed to requests roommates before the move in date? Also do you know which residency is most popular among sophomores? Can I chose a specific building? and what are your thoughts on the Quad vs Blitman, as those are the two I have my eye on. Last question, I’m considering joining a sorority, do the frats and sororities do a lot of events together? Thanks :)

Definitely join your class page on Facebook! A lot of events are posted there for you to attend and meet people. With the ResLife portal, you should be able to find roommates and choose the building and room you want to live in.

Quad vs. Blitman:

Quad is closer to the campus but with smaller living spaces. Blitman has only doubles but the rooms are big and each room has its own bathroom and shower.

I don’t know that much about greek life, but I do that they have bondings from time to time for people to meet each other.

Which singles are available to sophomores?

All the RAHP apartments and the Stacwyck apartments are suites with four single rooms with a kitchen and a living room. In Colonies B, the doubles are separated into two rooms with a bathroom in between, so it’s mostly like two singles sharing a bathroom. There are some singles in Quad. You can see the floor plan and look up if whether a room is a double, single or triple here: Quad info

Are there any special tools needed to raise and lower the beds in the dorms? If so should I bring bring them with me, are they available for rent at RPI? Also, is there a best time to arrive, or does it not really matter?

You probably need to rent a loft if you want to raise the bed to a bucked bed height. If you only wants to lift it a bit for some storage, I don’t think you need any special tools. You can arrive anytime you want actually. If you want to get there before your roomates to raise the bed, you can coordinate with them.