Where is the community kitchen in Blitman commons?

There are two community kitchens in the building that’s each on the second and third floor and at the corner of each floor.


I don’t know if this is information you guys would know, but how are forced triples decided? Is it determined by the date of deposit placed, an overflow of people requesting triples, or something else?

We don’t really know how reslife decide on the forced triples. All factors you listed might be taken account. It might also have to do with whether if you have already paired with roommates. However, we know that almost all triples in BARH are forced triples this year.

What’s the best freshman dorm? Also do the buildings with a.c. allow for individualized changing? Or is it a entire floor thing.

Buildings with a.c. allows you to turn it on or off. Some buildings such as Nugent and Davison allows you to set the levels of the fan on a.c. For the best dorm, everyone has their own preference. If you like singles, North Hall and Sharp Hall are probably your best bet. Nugent and Davison have nice doubles. If you like to social and communicate with your hallmates, Freshman five are pretty good for that. Specific room pictures can be found under “Room Photo” tab.