Do all the bunk beds have rails along the sides so we don’t fall off the bed? Is there a ladder in the room for the upper bunk bed? Also, how much weight can the upper bunk bed support? (I might be putting my laptop and schoolbag on the bed with me.) Much thanks!!

If the bunk bed does not have a rail, you can ask for one (at no cost). I wouldn’t be terribly worried about falling off, though; do you fall off your bed when it’s on the ground? Barton (which has a lot of lofted beds) has some beds with a railing and some without. Some students use a ladder and some students climb the end of the bed which has rungs.

I don’t know with certainty how much weight a bunked bed can hold, but I will say this: students sometimes hang out with 3-4 students sitting on the top bed. Some students also have significant others sleep overnight in the same bed. This is an engineering school – we aren’t going to put you in a bunk bed that can’t stably hold a student, a laptop, and a backpack…


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