For an engineering major (possibly biomed, idk. maybe electrical. maybe computer science. basically i have no idea), do you have any idea how many H&SS credits you have to take? i got 4 credit hours for 1000 writing elective, 4 credit hours for 1000 STSH science and technology elective, and 4 credit hours for 1000 STSS science and technology elective from AP tests. i’m assuming there’s no point in re-taking these classes. i was wondering how many i’ll actually have to take throughout my time at rpi. and would your recommend re-taking calc, even if i got a 4 on the AP calc AB test and had a great teacher in high school for 3 semesters (two of AP calc AB and one of non-AP calc II)?

I really don’t want to get into specific questions regarding personal academics. I’m sure many of you have questions about what courses you should take. Fortunately, when you come to Student Orientation in the next few weeks, your SO Advisors will be available to help you with these kinds of questions. You will register for your fall semester with their guidance at Student Orientation.

As a general answer to your HASS credit question, look at the curricula of the programs you are considering. I’ve found BME (biomedical engineering) here. You can find others simply by googling “rpi biomedical engineering undergrad curriculum”. Each program should have it somewhere on their site.

It’s hard to advise students on whether or not to re-take courses for which they’ve received AP credit. Overall, it sounds like you know your stuff and would be bored in Calc I here. I would say to move on to Calc II for this coming fall semester.


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