I’m going to be attending RPI this coming fall, and I was wondering if there was a way to get the RPI linen ordering guys to ship the stuff I ordered to the dorm I’m staying in, rather than to my house (I live in California and the extra packing would be a pain). Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who you mean by the “RPI linen ordering guys.” I kind of remember an offer when I was a freshman to buy linens, but I don’t remember details. That being said, this is a question better directed to them (the “linen ordering guys”).

I do know that big box stores like Bed, Bath, & Beyond will allow you to shop in any store or online and have all of your chosen products prepared for pick-up at a store near your school (RPI). If you go this way with some of your stuff, you don’t pay for the shipping, you just need to go out to the store nearest RPI (in nearby Colonie, 15 minutes drive) and pick it up.


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