In your 2 years at RPI, which dorms have you roomed in, and what were your likes/dislikes about them? If you could have picked differently, which dorms would you rather have had?

I lived in the Quad (a double in Church I) my freshman year.

Last fall, I lived in the Quad (a single in Hunt III).

This spring, I live in an on-campus apartment at STACWYCK.

I chose to live in Quad again because I liked the atmosphere and proximity to campus. As a freshman in Quad, you still have friends who live nearby, but it is a little quieter (I’ve heard) than living in the long and connected hallways of a hall on Freshman Hill. Another neat thing about living in the Quad is having upper classmen nearby. I definitely feel like I knew a few more older students because I lived in Quad my freshman year. On the contrary, Freshman Hill halls do tend to be a little more social. Just think physically: the long hallways are very inviting to people wandering (or running) around and chatting. But, you are a little bit further from academic campus, and older students are in other buildings.

After a third semester in Quad, I decided I wanted to be try out apartment style living. I enjoyed Quad still, but some friends had a spot open in their apartment and none of my good friends lived nearby. I found myself spending a lot of wasted time sitting around in my single room. I think that, as a sophomore, I enjoy the apartment style more. There are always people around, but I still have privacy when I need to sleep or do work. Plus, we have our own kitchen and living room.


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