I’ve been trying to find out through the official RPI site but I can’t find anything that will say whether halls are co-ed by floors (one half of a floor is girls, the other is boys) or by buildings (alternate floors are alternate sexes). If someone would like to bring a bike, are there specific places to chain them up to? Lastly, how accommodating is the staff if things don’t work out between roommates? Thank you for all the help.

Floors can be co-ed “by floor” (as you defined it) or “by hall.” It just depends on how things fall. All bathrooms are single sex.

Bikes can be secured to racks that are located outside of each residence hall. Some also have bike rooms inside.

If there is a ‘roommate-conflict,’ your RA will be willing and able to talk through this with you. The RA will help make a decision on the best way to resolve the situation; rarely does it end in a room change, but it happens.


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