I know you’re a guy, so you really don’t know too much about this… But how do sororities work? Suppose I wanted to join a sorority and i do all the elegibility requirements, etc…how will I get selected to a certain sorority? I heard you get to rank the sororities by preference and if they pick you too, then you’re in… However, what if no sorority picks you? Does that happen often? And are there a lot of mixers with different frats? Thanks!

**UPDATED Friday, 6/10/2011**

I’m summarizing the information that a friend (who is in a sorority) shared with me.

Parts of the process cannot be revealed, but her first piece of advice is to keep an open mind. You should visit the different sororities and get to know the girls. See what girls you get along with and where you feel comfortable. There will be two invite parties. After the second, you may receive a bid. Then, you can sign your bid and cross your fingers that you are in. As she says, it can seem scary, but there will be great rewards.

[My own feed back on not being picked: I’m sure it happens sometimes. There’s not much you can do about not being picked besides finding new things to do. Although going Greek is great, there is plenty else to do on campus. The Union funds over 150 clubs that offer great events from social things, to government, creativity, leadership, and service. It wouldn’t be the end of the world.]

On mixers: in short, mixers can be a part of Greek life, but she advises that you join for other reasons. Sororities focus on community service hourse, philanthropy and sisterhood. Don’t join just to meet guys, party, and be social.


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