So I just recently got assigned a dorm that I was at first happy about but now I’m not as much. How easy is it to switch dorms completely (when you have a roommate and they will go with it too)? Say, from one freshman five to another freshman five? Or from BARH to a freshman five? I know you probably don’t know much about it but I thought you might have known someone that wanted to switch their dorms at some point.

It’s impossible to quantify the ease of room-switching. You and your roommate should call ResLife/ResEd ASAP to find out if you can switch before you move in. Otherwise, you have to wait 2 full weeks after classes start.

Regardless, you might not be allowed to switch halls “just because.” The staff goes through a lot of effort to place all of the students and allowing switches on a whim would be very time-consuming. Best of luck – call and ask as soon as you can.


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