What is Troy like? I’m weary of attending due to the fact that there is nothing you can do in Troy, and the nearest place you can go is in Albany-> but you would either have to take a bus for that or bring your car to campus. Is there any surrounding things to do there that is walking distance? (Ex. Clubs, Mall, strip malls, etc..)

“there is nothing you can do in Troy”

… I hate to be so rude, but you’re wrong. There is plenty to do on campus, in Troy, in the Capital District, and in the surrounding areas.

1. On campus: I leave campus maybe once or twice a week and I always have something to be doing. First off, there are academics: classes and homework. Throw on top of this your choice in 170+ clubs through the Student Union. I personally am currently involved in Relay For Life, Rensselaer Outing Club, Red & White, as well as a few other things in the future. Keep in mind all of the athletics going on: you can be watching (or maybe playing in) a varsity game, running and working out at the Mueller Center, playing racquet ball or rock climbing in the ‘87 Gym, or participating in one of our intramural sports programs. I can’t talk enough about how much there is to do on campus.

in Troy: downtown Troy has a ton of little stores, shops and restaurants. There are always shows going on at Revolution Hall (and Ground Zero or EMPAC – on campus). On the last Friday of every month, the stores in downtown Troy stay open late for students and residents to hang out, jam with musicians on the street, and walk through the art galleries. It’s very easy to get to the grocery stores and strip malls up Hoosick street by getting on the CDTA bus (free with your RPI ID) and riding for a few minutes. “Having to take a bus” isn’t that bad, and if you can’t handle that, join some student groups to get to know upper classmen with cars.

in the Capital District: I don’t even know where to start. There are two pretty large malls (Crossgates and Colonie), continuous events at the Times Union Center, Union College (booo! – one of our rivals), art galleries, and any other thing you can imagine.

in the surrounding areas: I make relatively frequent trips to the Adirondacks to go hiking, students can go to NYC or Boston on occasion, or any other cities nearby.There’s tons to do.

I don’t want you to feel like I’m mad at you for asking this question, but I want you to understand that there is a ton to do, even within walking distance. In the warmer months, students like to walk to the local gorge and go cliff jumping (be careful!) or sunbathe. As it warms up this spring, students will be outside of all the residence halls and houses playing frisbee, listening to music, and getting tan. People walk to Pizza Bella’s and Pizza Di Vinci for some yummy pizza all the time (we also go to restaurants in downtown Troy – wooo! Dinosaur BBQ!). If walking is a challenge, there are campus shuttles that get you all around campus, and CDTA buses (I know, I know – it sounds so scary!) are really easy to use. Really, there’s plenty to do!


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