1. What size is the bed? I see on the residence life list saying bring extra-long twin sheets,but isn’t these all single beds? 2. How is the garbage collection works? 3. What size is the window? Is there need for curtain?(most likely I am going to live in Cary/Freshman 5.) 4.Approximately, how much each is the bed, desk & chair cost? 5. Do students allow to nailing or gluing things on wall? Can we use hooks, or bring own shelf, mirror that need to hand on wall?

1. The bed is an extra-long twin bed. In the United States, a “twin” bed is a  bed size for a single person. So, yes… extra-long twin sheets fit on a “single” bed.

2. You put your garbage and recycling either in small containers in the lounge spaces or you take it out to the nearby dumpster. The city collects the garbage from the dumpsters… you don’t have to worry about this.

3. The windows vary in size, but you are not allowed to have curtains anyway for fire code.

4. All of the furniture (bed, desk, chair, dresser, shelf) is included in the cost of the room. You cannot buy them separtely.

5. No, you cannot nail or glue things to the wall. You can use hooks and push-pins. A company called 3M makes a popular hook with a sticky back that can easily be removed at the end of the year.


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