How helpful are RPI students. Suppose you don’t get material, is it easy to ask a classmate for some assistance? Reason why I’m asking is bc. I come from a super exclusive high school and nobody is willing to help anyone else for selfish reasons. So I’m wondering if classmates will help you with your studies if you need help.

I’ll say that you have an unfortunately selfish high school class! At RPI, you will have tons of resources for help with class work. We have campus resources like drop-in tutoring, your Learning Assistant (LA) in your residence hall, the Advising and Learning Assistance Center (ALAC), and much more. Professors are required to hold regular office hours (usually at least 4 hours a week) where you can go in to ask questions and visit. Take advantage of these!

Your classmates will also be very helpful. Upperclassmen can offer tutoring or provide you with back work, back tests, and sample problems. I would advise that you use these as a study tool – don’t just copy your homework! I’m certain that your peers will be able to help you when you need it, too. Make friends in your classes and set up a time to meet in the Library, Union, or any of our dozens of study locations to go over homework or prepare for an exam. The people who live near you will also likely have many of the same classes and you can look to them for assistance.

RPI students are very helpful to one another, for the most part – we’re studying to work in the real world. That means doing group projects and working as a team!


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