I’m coming from the South, and down here people are super nice. I haven’t heard the greatest things about NY, so I’m a little scared to head to RPI since it’s right near the state’s capital. I know you included a friendliness chart (props to you for that by the way), but since I am from the south, do you think I’ll experience a little tough love? In the south, you can ask anyone anything, even a random stranger–but I hear in NY people don’t really answer you that well and snub you when you talk

As a Texan, I understand your concerns. I spent my teenage years learning to say “yes, m’am” and hold doors open for anyone. I know about the “southern hospitality” that you’re used to seeing every day.

But, having lived in 7 states across the country, I have a good feel for the dynamics of our nation. Don’t be scared! You’re not going from a small town where everyone knows everyone to NYC. You might be coming from a small town, but RPI is a great, welcoming community of students, faculty and staff. You might not hear the familiar “yes, m’am” “no, m’am” and “y’all.” Everyone probably won’t hold the door for you, but you’re not going to be snubbed for asking for directions. If it’s any more comfort, you won’t be the only one from the South, either. I know of at least 6 of my classmates (just in my year) that are from Texas; I’m sure you’ll have plenty, too!


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