I know a lot of colleges don’t let you bring microwaves, but allow you to rent a Microfridge combo for the year. RPI does let you bring a microwave, but does it rent out Microfridges, too? And if so, is it easier/cheaper to bring your own stuff or just to rent it? Also, what are the lounges like and what’s in them? I’m going to be in Crockett Hall, if that helps.

Yes, you can bring a microwave and/or a minifridge. Fridges have to be no bigger than 6 cubic feet. My personal advice would be to buy your own minifridge and not have a microwave in your room. The microfridge combos are almost as much as purchasing a fridge so you lose a lot of money by not buying that appliance. You can always sell it at the end of the year and make most of that money back.

Crockett (like most of the freshmen five) has a kitchen on the first floor with a fridge, stove, sink, microwave, seating/table, and television. The second floor lounge has foosball and couches. The third floor study room has tables, chairs, and a public printer. There are also a few vending machines in the building.


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