I’ll be a junior living in Colonie next year, building C to be exact. Should I bring my own shower curtain for the shower? Also, the RA that showed me the room showed hers, and she had brought her own bed (a full size instead of the regular twin). Is it ok for someone who is not an RA to do that? Are we allowed to bring the RPI bed and store it at home for the year? Thanks!

1. You can bring your own shower curtain if you want. They should provide one, though.

2. I’m going to be brief. Read between the lines. Your RA will do your room condition report at the beginning of the year. This confirms what furniture and defects were in the room at the start of your occupancy. When you check out in the spring, all of that furniture needs to be back. In the mean time, just make sure that you pass your health & safety inspection (i.e. don’t block the door with any additional furniture).


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