I’m a girl and I’m just a little nervous about going to RPI because of the ratio. In my h.s, I have tons of pretty much only girl friends, so the ratio scared me a little. I know you’re a guy, but do you know what your girl friends think about the ratio? Do they wish there were more girls at the school or do they feel comfortable enough with the guys at school? Thanks in advance!

Since you asked your question, I’ve talked with some of my girl friends to get their opinion on this topic. Of the five young ladies I spoke to, they all said they were very comfortable with the ratio. It was kind of funny: two of them said that the only time they notice the ratio is when they sit in class and count the number of guys. For the most part, we as students don’t really notice the ratio in our normal day-to-day activities. The girls said that they feel completely comfortable with the ratio because everyone is so friendly and it’s easy to make friends.

On the topic of making friends and making girl friends, you will have great opportunities when you come to school in the fall to find social groups. You can start now by finding some classmates on Facebook. If you’re coming to Accepted Students Day (April 9) that’s another good opportunity. Unless you attend SO (Student Orientation) #5, you’ll room with some girls that you can get to know at SO. These will probably be different than your roommates for the year.

As things pick up, you’ll see how many opportunities there are to get involved on campus and make friends. You can look into joining a sorority or playing on a sports team. Both of these are great opportunities to have a group of exclusively girls to get to know and appreciate. If neither of these interest you, we have many, many service groups on campus. You’ll probably find that the service groups tend to have a more even (or even reversed!) ratio. I serve on the Relay For Life Committee; we have a 35:65 ratio. Thats male:female!

While I understand your concern, I think you’ll discover that it’s not as bad as you expect. You’ll find that a lot of the guys are gentlemen and I think you’ll find it easy to find and make friends with girls. Plus, guys are a nice break from all of the drama and girl stuff!


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