Is it hard to walk from class to class? How many classes do you have in a week?

I’m not sure what you really mean by the first question.

Is figuring out where your classes are a challenge? Not after the first week – you’ll learn your way around campus quickly. Most people, even seniors, still print their schedule to see what buildings and classrooms they’re in for the first week.

Is it hard to navigate the foot traffic? Is it congested? No, not at all. Some people ride bikes, roller blade, long board, or skate board around campus.

Is getting between classes in as little as 10 minutes hard? Nope. You just pack up your backpack in one class and head towards your other. You can probably be from one side of academic campus to the other in less than 10 minutes, and you probably won’t have to do that.

I’m taking 19 credit hours and I have 21 hours of class a week. I have 3 classes on each of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 2-3 classes a day is pretty average.


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