What is your opinion on hall bathrooms vs shared/suite bathrooms. In principle I think I would want to go for a shared bathroom but I don’t know the unforeseen differences between the two that emerge during college life. Also it seems like having a shared bathroom in Barton would be convenient than a hall bathroom because of the two triples sharing a single bathroom.

I personally have a shared bath and it’s nice because we can leave our stuff in there. That’s the major difference. A floor bath can be nicer because there are more showers/toilets. Also, having a shared bath usually means you can hear the shower/toilet from your room. If you’re a light sleeper and your suitemates/roommate(s) shower at different hours, this is something to consider.

A big thing about having a shared/suite bath in Barton is having a sink in your room. This means you can brush your teeth/wash your face without leaving your room. Although it isn’t required, wearing flip-flops to protect your feet is more necessary in floor baths.

Showering/using the bathroom whenever you want can go either way with this. It may work that you and your suite/roommates have workable shower schedules, or your schedules could clash. In this case, you could always go shower on a floor bath. There is also a “guest bathroom” (you might call it) with just a toilet and sink on each floor.


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