What is your opinion on the whole ratio situation? Is it really as weird as it is made out to be? How do you think you all RPI students are viewed in the work world?

As far as girls go, you’re aware of “the ratio.” You can look at it from a variety of perspectives. Is it visible in the classrooms, clubs, dining halls, etc? Yes. Does it make guys lonely and not have any female friends? No. If you’re currently at a school with a typical (1:1) ratio then you’ll see differences. You might have to work harder to earn someone’s attention, but it’s not annoying.

As far as the view of RPI from a professional-external perspective: we’re regarded highly. People with RPI degrees are considered to have an advantage compared to job applicants from many other schools. Especially in engineering, RPI will be recognized around the world by companies/employers. Having Rensselaer on your diploma will pay off.


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